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We will not leave it to the forces of hate and the relics of the past to be the final word on love.

The Respect for Marriage Act empowers us in the LGBTQ community to be the arbiter of our own legal equality and the author of our own marital destiny.

Moore v. Harper could be one of the most consequential Supreme Court cases for our democracy.

You might just now be hearing about it — but it could let extremist state legislatures pick the next president without you.

Oral arguments begin today.

Here's what you need to know:

They will come:
star people
in their silver birds.

They will come:
time riders
from distant, shining worlds,

angels without wings
but with the brilliance of wisdom
in their dark eyes.

They will come:
our brothers and sisters
with whom we played
in a far distant past.


So grateful for every organizer, activist and voting rights attorney who focused on ensuring that Georgia voters could meet the challenges of Georgia's voter suppression law SB 202 and cast their votes. It took work. Relentless work. Don't forget that.

LETS GO!!! Congratulations to Senator @ReverendWarnock, the Organizers, staff, volunteers, and all of Georgia. Thanks for having me on the campaign trail. ✊🏾

Don’t give up on the South and young people y’all.

Railroads made $21 billion in profits in the first 9 months of 2022.

Guaranteeing 7 paid sick days to rail workers would cost the industry $321 million/year.

That's just 1.5% of those profits.

Congress just rejected sick leave for these workers.

It's profits over everything.

The fossil fuel industry is planning to funnel another $1.5 million into the Georgia run-off election in support of Herschel Walker.

Georgia, if you haven’t voted, make sure you do so ASAP.

Vote Warnock.

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