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When the bosses say there's a "labor shortage," it is a lie.

The truth, as @RBReich outlines, is this: We face a shortage of good, permanent jobs where workers are fully valued for their work with strong union protections, and safe and healthy workplaces!

We just hit the federal debt limit.

If we don't raise the debt ceiling, it could trigger a global financial crisis.

But the House GOP refuses to raise it unless Biden agrees to Social Security and Medicare cuts.

Let's be clear: There must be no negotiating on the debt ceiling.

Germany should supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine as soon as possible and also allow other countries to do that, so that Ukraine can effectively defend itself against the Russian aggressors.

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Mail in ballots from @CA_Dem are here to vote in the party delegate #ADEM election! If you’re a Dem in Assembly District 44 (Assemblymember @LauraFriedmanCA’s district) please VOTE for me & the entire #Forward44 @VoteForward44 slate! Mark your ballots and VOTE for all 14! #AD44

Always remember that only one GOP lawmaker showed up to pay their respects at the Capitol on the anniversary J6.

House Republicans plan to:

• Investigate the FBI that’s investigating them

• Defund a criminal investigation into Trump

• Gut the Office of Congressional Ethics

Great piece from @eszterz on the year the EU finally took action on the autocracy crisis

The European Parliament’s role should be further emphasized— EP insisted on creating the #RuleOfLaw mechanism & mounted constant pressure on the Commission to use it

The charges against Polish human rights defender Justyna Wydrzyńska must be dropped immediately!

Defending the fundamental right to access safe & legal abortions in Poland cannot be a crime!

Our letter to the Polish Public Prosecutor General👇🏽

The new World Report 2023 from @HRW highlights the continued attempts by Belarusian authorities to purge independent voices, the lack of investigations into alleged torture & other human rights violations. It shows how the regime created a climate of fear.

Andrey Dzmitryeu, a candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election in Belarus, was detained recently. He is accused of crossing the Belarusian border 599 times & being in contact with @HillaryClinton. For the regime, this is high treason. This is absurd!

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