FBPE is a non-profit movement based in mainland Europe. In 2017 we created two pan-European hashtags that are used to build a network of all those across Europe who support the EU and fight political extremism: #FollowBackProEU and the acronym #FBPE

“Follow Back Pro EU”, is a movement dedicated to European fundamental values, combatting populism and anti-democratic populist movements across the EU which stand against those values. Not beholden to any single political party or entity, we strive to provide information, support, and networking to any and all who wish to stand with us in preservation of those values, who have grown concerned about the rise of propaganda, deliberate disinformation, and the sowing of discord across European nations – our home countries. 

What are “European Values?

As laid out by EUParl and the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU’s fundamental values are – respect for human dignity, human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law as it applies to political, economic, social and universal citizens’ rights. EU member states are pluralistic; fairness and equality are promoted; responsibility is shared.


FBPE activities & cooperations

Supporters of #FBPE joined several anti-Brexit marches in the UK, and our hashtag was even used during political protests in Italy. Meanwhile, people from 42 countries have added #FBPE to their Twitter name or bio to show their support for our objectives; there are users on all continents. FBPE also supports campaigns and networks in many various countries.



Blog news

Visit our blog. You’ll find many interesting articles on various topics. Our blog articles are written by members of FBPE and other contributors.




FBPE / Progressive Europe videos

While you’re here, why not visit our YouTube channel? We’ve got a small collection of videos and will be adding more as soon as possible.